Bio Scout

Radioactivity tests of food in any central store, in any food department store

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Radioactivity tests of food in any central store, in any food department store

Easy and reliable

  • Six freely selectable tracer nuclides at given alert limits 
  •  Weight-related activity for compatison with limit values 
  • Gamma spectroscopy (2”x2” NaI(Tl) detector with PMT to analyze nuclides such as caesium and iodine
  • Easy sampling filling into Marinelli beaker
  • Short analyses time with high sample throughput
  • Radioactivity indication of the food´s radioactivity exposure
    • Green light: harmless, free for selling
    • Yellow light: activity close to limit
    • Red light and acoustical signal: not to be used

Consumers around the world are afraid of possibly radioactive contaminated foods. Producers, traders and customers want to be sure that limits given by law will not be exceeded. The Bio-Scout offers the possibility for an immediate test on site without special skilled staff.

The unit fits to any table and can be handled intuitively. The robust and ergonomic design allows easy cleaning if necessary. There is no need for shielding against background radiation by heavy lead or steel elements.The internal scale enables the direct calculation of the weight related activity including the sample density correction. A large Sodium Iodide (NaI) detector and the optimized sampling geometry in combination with an advanced spectrum analysis result in short sampling periods and a high sample throughput.
The Bio-Scout identifies six different nuclides which can be defined (including alert limits) by software by the superwiser. After powering up the unit, a background measurement is performed to estimate the detection limits. If a significant increased background is detected, the basic sample interval will be set to more than one minute. For most exact measurements it is required to use always a wellfilled Marinelli beaker for each sample.

If the detected activity is above the warn level or the alert limit, a second measurement will be started automatically. In that case, the sample interval will be increased to reduce the statistical fluctuations. If the result is still above the limits, either the red (if alert limit is exceeded) or the yellow lamp (if only warn level is exceeded) turn on.

The buzzer signalizes the alert state by an interrupted sound signal. At the display appears a list of detected nuclides. The alert state must be confirmed by pressing the button to toggle the display to show the results for each single nuclide. The acquired spectrum will be saved at the internal non-volatile memory and labeled by a unique sample number (consists of serial number plus a 32bit number).

The memory offers capacity for 70 spectra. Pressing the button for at least one second sets the unit back into the normal mode and the next measurement can be started. The results can be read from the display even if no alert or warning is present. To enter the result list output, the button must be pressed for at least one second. This is not possible if a sample is in progress.

If needed, also other geometries can be calibrated but this will affect the achievable detection limits. The integrated scale delivers the sample weight, to calculate the weightbased activity in Bq/kg.Furthermore, the density of the sample is calculated from the weight and the beaker volume.