Measurement of the local dose rate of gamma radiation

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Measurement of the local dose rate of gamma radiation and Activities concentrations of defined nuclides over long periods

  • Typical applications:
    • Detection of radioactice sources
    • Large-area contamination measurement
    • Monitoring of building materials
    • Use in the nuclear medicine
  • Cyclic measurements at an adjustable time interval
  • Measurement principle: NAI(Tl) detector with PMT, HV supply
  • Integrated GPS receiver for local assignment of the measured values, editing in Google EarthTM
  • Gamma energy range: 25 keV – 3 Mev
  • Net activity for six selectable nuclides measureable at the same time
  • Storage for ca. 1 Mio data records on the 2GB memory card
  • Wireless network interface
  • Optionaly: data remote transfer

The NucScout monitors the local dose rate as well as the activity of six user selectable nuclides. The results are available as time distributen over the whole sampling period. The sampling interval can be adjusted by the user. A complete energy spectrum is saved for each interval on the removable SD memory card.

The unit is equipped with an integrated GPS receiver which allows the local assignment of the acquired data. The NucScout can be calibrated by the user, so by the way it is possible to determine and adapt correction factors for any sampling geometry which can be used later on. As an option, the instrument may be ordered with a ZigBee wireless network interface to transfer recent data over several hundred meters to a "base station" computer.
Typical applications are searching for hidden radioactive sources, screening of large contaminated areas based on GIS solutions, process monitoring, tests of building materials or food and nuclear medicine.

The robust and handsome 2” x 2” NaI detector is fixed to the ergonomic handle while the electronic box can be removed from the handle by a bayonet catch. This allows the user to place the detector in any position to the radioactive source. The large detector volume results in a low detection limit so that even week sources can be found. The wide touch screen makes the operation of the unit comfortable.

The NucScout offers two different algorithms for the activity calculation of the several nuclides. The user may decide between the traditional trapezoid method and the newly developed IDEA algorithm which offers a maximum of spectroscopic resolution (no background regions left and right of the photo peak are required) at comparable detection limits.

Included in the delivery is a comprehensive software package for data download, result presentation, data export and instrument configuration. The exported data can be shown directly by Google Earth (TM).

Remote control of the unit is possible via the integrated USB or optional wireless network.

The optionally available IDEA ILC software offers the possibility of map based visualization of area distribution of contamination or localization of point sources. The program uses for calculation all available data records with GPS coordinates which have been acquired in the surrounding of the source or taken from the area of interest. Local dose rate as well as activities of each nuclide can be displayed.