TERA Radon Sensors TSRS (UART, USB, RS485)

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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

Intelligent sensors of radon concentration with simple serial interfaces UART, USB, RS485 for easy implemention into third party system. Suitable for integration into smart buildings, industrial systems and systems of air quality. Connection of probe is always by 4 – wires, 2 wires are for serial bus and 2 wires for DC powering. Coupled with sensors are delivered descriptions of serial interfaces and protocols. Current values of radon concentration, temperature and humidity are possible to read from sensors. Also is possible to download time´s records of radon concentration and energy spectrum from sensor internal memory.

Product Specification
Measurement sensitivity 0,25 count/hour/Bq.m-3
Measuring range MDA – 10E6 Bq/m3;
MDA = 100 Bq/m3 per 1 hour or 20 Bq/m3 per 24 hours
Measurement uncertainty < 13% at 300 Bq/m3 per 1 hour;
< 3% at 300 Bq/m3 per 24 hour
Radon concentration results display short-term (1 hour moving average)
long-term (24 hours moving average)
Measuring algorithm quicker, less sensitive (calculated from RaA)
slower, more sensitive (calculated form RaA + RaC)
Measuring relative humidity range 10 – 90 %
Measuring temperature range - 20 to + 60 °C
Serial interface UART, USB, RS485, RS485-MODBUS
Records saving interval 1- 255 minutes, default 1 hour
Results memory capacity in probe 4096
Powering 5VDC/max. 5mA (UART, USB); 5-24VDC/max. 5mA (RS485)
Dimension Ø 80 x 250 mm
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