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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

Indoor air quality monitoring

Soil gas sampling
Dose assessment
On the spot measurement
Software DOSEMAN


RTM1688 is easy handling instrument, but has many features usually related to a high level instrument like RTM2100. Especially the internal pump and the strongly increased sensitivity in combination with a very interesting pricing open a wide range of applications. Therefore the RTM1688 is the logical choice for all users who need a high performance even at low budget.

Theory of Operation

Continuous sampling by an internal pump, drawing the air through a high voltage biased measurement chamber.
Electrostatic collection of Radon/Thoron daughter products, ionised during decay of the gas atoms on a planar semiconductor detector.
Calculation of Radon/Thoron activity concentration by the decay rate of collected daughter products, using alpha spectroscopy
Usage of a drying tube avoids humidity influences to the electrostatic collection process

Display output

Activity concentration Radon, Radon Slow and Thoron with statistical error of the last completed integration interval
Average of activity concentrations (whole measurement series)
System status (real time, integration interval, number of stored samples, battery voltage)

Output data file

System information
Alpha spectrum of the whole measurement
Sequence of ROI contents (count sums), assigned to the nuclide energy ranges of Po-210, Po-218/Bi-214, Po-216, Po-214 and Po-212
Time distributed activity concentrations Radon, Radon Slow and Thoron
Average of activity concentrations (whole measurement series)
Radon/Thoron exposure

Special features

Fully correction of calculated Radon activity concentration regarding Thoron
No long term contamination by Po-210
System mode to avoid unauthorised usage
Control lamp to indicate an exhausted drying tube
Direct data output to printer via RS3232

Content of delivery

RTM1688 Radon/Thoron monitor
Drying tube
Serial data transfer cable
Battery charger (100..240VAC, 50/60Hz)
Windows (95/98/2000/NT/XP) software for set-up and download
User manual
Protocol printer (option - please order separately)

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